Our Story

It started with a mission to raise good boys and good cattle…beginning in 2014 with 7 acres and a few heifers, an old trailer, and a blower that barely worked. While the boys loved showing cattle, they eventually wanted to know how they could come home with a banner. Our second son was certain that Red Angus was the answer. Coincidentally, a family member, Uncle Josh, had a long-running herd of Red Angus up in North Dakota. He sent us a few to “try out” in the South and we quickly started turning heads and getting attention. In 2017, Josh called saying he wanted to stop running Red Angus and offered us his best 35. Suddenly, we had access to six donors and a national champion bull, and Five Oaks Farm was officially on the map. ..from there we refocused our mission to using great cattle to raise great boys.

The lessons, oh they go so deep in the show barn and the show ring.  The attention to detail and the persistence needed are intense.   Yet with consistent effort over time the improvement comes.  And the set backs are such great lessons that make the rewards that do come that much sweeter.

In 2018 we attended our first ever NAILE show in Louisville.  In 2022 we brought home a division champion banner for the first time.   We have attended or participated in every Cattleman’s congress since its inception.  Now with boys off in college and some banners under our belt, we believe we have successfully used the great cattle to raise great boys.